Thursday, December 3, 2009

This season's top fashion

Today, Sonia is modeling the crown jewel of the hand-knitted collection by top designer Carol Murray. On the stunningly beautiful sweater, purple is presented in two different shades-- light on top, dark on bottom (which we all know is very slimming). Accenting the purple is a pop of pink, which coordinates nicely with a pair of pink pants, white socks, and black mary jane shoes (not very visible due to the poor photography skills of the supermodel's mother). We foresee a bright future ahead for this talented designer. Carol is on her way to the top!

The model got a little crazy and flashed her belly at the photographers.... Risqué!

The matching hat has the most beautifully intricate knitted details.... Carol's incredible skill has no rival in the fashion world!


Auntie Niki said...

CAROL! She is amazing. She should be on a knitter's version of "Project Runway". That might be kind of a slow show though. Each episode would need a month to shoot. ; )

JLo said...

Project Sosi! I cannot knit clothes to save my life. I'm very jealous! Very talented.

Anonymous said...

We have a MODEL! Very Cute

Art Vandelay
Baby Model Manager & Talent Finder