Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Curious Baby at Noodles & Co. -- a photo essay

The world looks very different when you start sitting in a high chair while out in public!

Finally.... Time for the curious baby to eat her own lunch!


Joslyne said...

sorry to be so repetitive lately but . . . CUTEST BLOG POST EVER. :)

JLo said...

Three things:

1- did you cut your hair?

2- Sosi is growing up so quickly! It's fun when they can finally sit up at the table with you!

3- Still can't believe you show your face in a Noodles & Co.

ErinM said...

1) Yep, I got my hair cut this past weekend. I cut it a wee bit too short, though.... I got what I asked for-- two inches off-- but I forgot that I can't really just blow my hair dry and go when it's this short. I actually have to curl it, which stinks. Oh well-- at least it dries faster now.

2) Right?!?

3) It's that same Noodles & Co., too....

JLo said...

I guess they'd figure the culprit would never have returned to the scene of the crime, so you're probably safe!