Tuesday, April 13, 2010

11 months young: a state of the baby address

Holy moly, this baby is getting big! Sonia is creeping up on her first birthday, and I am having trouble believing this can be possible.

We're so busy these days-- now that the weather is getting warmer on a more consistent basis, we are becoming a fixture at the park. Yesterday, Sosini and I met our friends, Maritza & Sara (who is turning one year old in a week) to hang out at a beautiful grassy area. M&S brought their maltese, Killer (named that precisely because he is the exact opposite of one), and two other small dogs (a cockerpoo and a bichon mixed with something else that I can't remember) came over to our blanket to visit. Sonia thought those doggies were awesome, judging by her smiles and giggles! When they were running around, she kept crawling after them. I think she was saying, "Come back and lick me some more!"

We're in the midst of figuring out how to make the transition from formula to 100% solid food. Sonia's still a bit averse to slimy foods at times, and she does best when eating dried finger foods like cereal. I want so desperately to get away from feeding her pureed food, but she just won't eat enough finger foods to make that possible yet. Any and all advice would be welcome! I see the end of bottles in sight.... Woo hoo!

We took Sosi to the arboretum for an impromptu picnic the other day, and she loved this little flower that Andrew gave her. It got nommed a bit, but she realized it didn't taste all that good and abandoned those efforts.

This picture cracks me up-- we were swinging at the park, and she kept craning her neck so she could watch some kids running around.

Tooth #5 broke ground last week (the first tooth to the left of the top front teeth)! I don't think it had quite erupted yet when this picture was taken, but you can see the first four teeth pretty well.

Sonia continues to crawl and pull up to a standing position constantly. Every once in a while, these activities result in a noggin conking incident, and because she is still pretty darn bald, you can see every single bruise perfectly. Argh!! She recovers from head bonkings pretty quickly-- I don't think she's ever cried for longer than 15 seconds, and I'm not exaggerating one bit. The picture below was taken after she bonked her head on the coffee table, and she was smiling within 5 seconds after the picture was taken.

We're having some work done on our house right now (our master bathroom shower was installed improperly 4 years ago when the house was built, so we're ripping the moldy/leaky/cracked thing outta there and getting it done right. As I type this, Sonia is napping right through some ridiculously loud construction noise. I think I've been worried about her being a light sleeper for no reason! I love these kitty pajamas that she's wearing in the picture below.

We love you, Sosi!


The Lease Family said...

I think the swing picture looks like she is turned to back her swing up like driving a car. lol!

Oh the head conking. Rose sometimes sports bruises that make me wonder if CPS is going to be called. She even had one on her tushy that made me wince whenever I changed her diaper. I cringe whenever I think of her walking because I know the bruises are just going to multiply.

Sonia is just getting cuter every day. Even when crying (the picture which shows off your crazily shinny beautiful hair by the way) she is adorable. I think its the way long eye lashes and beautiful blue eyes. :)

Happy 11 months Sonia!

ErinM said...

You are too kind, Val!

Joslyne said...

I love it when it's time for a State of the Baby Address. These pictures are fabulous!!! Birthdays are always shocking. Zoey is about to be 2. TWO! Me? The mother of a 2 year old? Really? Hugs and love to Sosi! And you. ;)

JLo said...

So glad I got to witness the Sosini awesomeness in person today! I can't believe she's really almost 1 already, what a great year she has had.