Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to Sosi's Grandma JoAnn!

Sonia would like to wish her Grandma Jojo (my mother) a very happy birthday today!

Even though she doesn't get to see her grandma as often as she would like, Sosini loves her very much. I tell her all the time about how Grandma Jojo had not one but TWO babies to take care of when I was Sosi's age. And, my mom was so successful at raising Niki & me that when we were almost two years old, she had another kid-- on purpose! Sonia wears me out so much that I simply can't fathom the strength and energy it took to be my mother during the first few years of my life. She is truly a superwoman! Whew.... there's nothing like having your own kid to make you appreciate your mother even more than you already did.

Anyway, Sosi loves her fun Grandma Jojo and can't wait to see her this summer.

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