Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cheer, cheer for....

...old Notre Dame, of course! Was there ever any doubt?

Sosinini got this fantastic ND cheerleader uniform for Christmas from Grandma Jenni and Grandpa Dick (who is hoping that Sonia might take to calling him "Gipper" when she starts talking). She fits into it right now, and supposedly, babies thin out a bit when they start walking, so it will probably fit for a few more months. We might need to get a bigger size for football season, though!

Sose was able to wear it to cheer on the Irish during their spring scrimmage (the Blue and Gold Game) this past weekend. The weather was a bit chilly out, so we stuck the uniform on over another outfit. Andrew hooked up the laptop to the TV to stream the game live, and Sonia liked watching the football men run around.

We're hoping that with Sonia's loud cheers (seriously, this kid can bellow "GA GA MA BA!" loud enough to wake up the echoes) will inspire the Irish on to a great season with their new coach.


Julie said...

She looks pretty darn happy in the cheerleading uniform...maybe a glimps of the future??? ;0) She is so darn cute I can't stand it!!! Hugs, Jewels

The Lease Family said...

That is a crazy adorable outfit.