Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to EBG!

Happy Birthday to Sosini's fabulous godmother, Emily Buser-Gonzalez (aka "Auntie" Em)!

(I had to take this picture quickly because Sonia was in the midst of pulling everything out of the pantry.... She's not in a smiley mood today, unfortunately!)

No, not this Auntie Em:

Or this Auntie Em (this one is Emily Borlik):

THIS Auntie Em!

Sonia is lucky to have Emily as her godmother, and Andrew & I are lucky to have Emily as our friend. She is gorgeous, whip-smart, blessed with an amazing ability to win all games having to do with pop culture trivia, kind, loving to her fabulous kitties, and a great counterpart to her husband, Gonzo. We can't wait to take Sosi on a road trip this summer to visit her godparents in Dublin (Ohio, not Ireland!).

One more awesome thing about Emily: she took us to see Rat Basketball at COSI. Seriously-- could Em get any cooler?

Happy birthday, Emily!

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