Saturday, April 17, 2010

6 years!

Sonia helped Andrew and me celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary today by taking us to Uncle Julio's Hacienda for lunch. She impressed us with her ability to eat rice and guacamole. I think there's a bit of guac on her chin in this picture!

Dad, lemme have this chip... I promise I won't smash it into smithereens!

The waiter brought us apple juice for Sosini in this cup. Apparently, Uncle Julio's crazy grin doesn't dim while he's in space.

Sosi loved sitting in the little booster seat thingy that strapped to the chair.... Normally, when she sits in restaurant high chairs, the table is at about the same level as her chin. Today, though, she was sitting at the table like a big girl!

Thanks for 6 wonderful years of marriage, Andrew! Sosi and I both love you.


The Lease Family said...

I'm loving the place mat you have. Where did you get it?

Happy anniversary you two!

Niki said...

Happy anniversary!! You two have a marriage we could all learn a thing or two from... : )