Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aunt Anita and The Great Sosini

Today, Sonia and I had a lovely lunch with Andrew's Aunt Anita (whom we were lucky enough to see just a couple of weeks ago during the reunion of the Brothers Malahowski in Texas).  Anita has been in town for work for several months now, but we weren't smart enough to be able to coordinate schedules and get together with her.  But, during the reunion, Anita and I figured out that Sonia and I could meet her for lunch on a week day, so that is just what we did.

Sonia studied the menu at Buona Beef (YUM! I love that place....) and determined that pizza was what she desired.

During the reunion weekend, Sonia wasn't quite sure what to make of the Brothers and their wives, so poor Anita got mostly the cold shoulder from The Great Sosini earlier this month.  But today, Sosi decided that Anita is her new best friend.  They were holding hands before we even had a chance to order our food.

Sonia was really hamming it up-- not only was she having fun with Anita, but she was also enjoying wearing her new Lightning McQueen bib.


Sosini and Anita both enjoyed schnuggling outside before we had to hightail it home (going on outings during potty training is dicey-- being Day 5 of the process, Sonia thought it an appropriate time to suddenly start refusing to pee on a public toilet).

In couple of weeks, Anita & Bob's daughter, Meghan, will be starting her PhD studies at the University of Chicago, so we have high hopes for getting to see their awesome family more often than once every few years.  Sonia (who was sadly chanting "Aunt A-NEEEEEE-ta" over and over as we drove away from Buona Beef) will be very happy about that!

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