Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where did our sidewalk go?

Blimey!  I came downstairs to see what those horrendously loud noises were....

And I saw THIS!  Someone was stealing the sidewalk in front of our house!

Huh.  Not sure how I feel about this.

Apparently, the Village of Lisle noticed that the sidewalk that runs in front of our house had sunk below the level of our front walk (due to either excessive heat or cold)....  During The Great Sosini's nap on Friday, this little backhoe thingy came to crack and then carry away the offending slabs of concrete (as well as make GOBS of noise while doing so, therefore waking up the poor toddler sleeping 20 feet away from the project).  The workers promised they'd be back on Monday (weather permitting) to pour a new sidewalk.  I'm pretty sure it will happen during nap time, knowing our luck.

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The Lease Family said...

That first picture just cracks me up! She looks genuinely confused. lol!