Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Ike and Sonia cuteness

Emma just sent me these great pictures from various times our two wacko kiddos have hung out together over the last couple of weeks.  Ike and Sonia are such goofballs!

During a playgroup trip to the Ty Warner splash pad in Westmont, Sonia and Ike had a blast chasing some really brave ducks around during lunch.  Ike kept saying "quack quack", which sounded a lot like when Sonia's cousin, Peter, says "car-car".  So, Sonia kept trying to bring Ike a car!  Ike was very confused.  He kept looking at Sonia like, "Why do you keep bringing me a car when I'm clearly trying to talk to the duck?"  So funny.

Ike had a great time showing Sasa (that's how he says Sonia's name) around his awesome backyard one hot day earlier this month.

When temperatures are in the 90's, you'd think the kids would stay in the pool, but Sosini and Ike played on the slide more than they swam.

Sonia the walrus:

In this picture, I think Sonia was being a bit naughty and shoving Ike out of the way!

But in this picture, they are playing quite nicely!

More sliding!  Sonia was hogging the slide, and Ike was trying to belly-bump her so he could have his turn.

Sosini and Ike tried to make a getaway in Emma's new car, but it turns out they haven't learned to drive yet.  Oh well-- better luck next time, kids!

You two are a couple of cuckoo birds!!

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