Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Great Sosini swims!

This child is such a fan of water....  Swimming in the grandparents' pools has been such a huge treat for Sonia!

No, the wind wasn't blowing.... that's just a bit of morning hair in the picture below:

Grandma JoJo and her fishy (in more ways than one!) granddaughter

Holy moly!  A rare picture of Sonia with her mommy!

My mother bought some swimmies (or water wings or whatever you want to call them) to see if they would work with Sosi (and with Charlotte when she & Peter visit TX later this month), and I think we can safely declare the swimmies to be a huge success.  Sosini floats around the pool, giggling at the freedom she has.  She can't quite kick effectively enough to be able to swim great distances, and steering herself is a bit beyond her reach, but that doesn't bother her!

Tuesday morning, Sosini's Aunt Ali and Cousin Nicholas came over to swim with us.  Sonia was so funny-- she really showed off for Nicholas and was pretty much fearless in the water.  Nicholas seemed to have a great time, too!  Several times, Nicholas and Sosini gave each other hugs and kisses, which was fabulously adorable.  Cousin love is the best!  We'll try to catch some of the hugs and kisses on camera when we see them again later this week. 

Thanks for coming over for a really fun morning, Nicholas and Ali.... Good golly, my nephew is CUTE!!

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