Sunday, July 31, 2011

Puzzle Master

Sonia is SO into puzzles lately!  She has always loved doing the simple chunky wooden Melissa & Doug puzzles at the library, but since I recently bought her a couple of 9-piece Wonder Pets puzzles at Target, she has become obsessed.  At the DuPage Children's Museum, she spent at least 20 minutes (an eon in toddler time) doing various geometric puzzles in the upstairs play area.  Then today, we bought her the puzzle of her dreams: THOMAS!

This 24 piece puzzle enthralls her to no end....  We bought it about 8 hours ago, and I think she has put it together (with little bits of help from me & Andrew) at least 10 times.  Mind you, during this 8 hours, she also ate lunch, napped for 2.5 hours (WOO HOO!), and went swimming at Sea Lion Aquatic Park for 2 hours.  So, pretty much all other time was spent doing the puzzle.

Each time she does the puzzle, she needs less and less help from us.  It's so fun to watch her-- the look of concentration on her face is priceless!

(Note the post-SLAP shower crazy hair-do she has going on in these pictures....  I think she's trying to look more like Albert Einstein.)

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