Saturday, October 31, 2009

The family that drives Mini Coopers together stays together

Grandpa Spike (my dad) got Sonia an early Christmas present-- her very own Mini Cooper! Developmentally, Sonia is ready for this Combi All in One Activity Walker, so even though Christmas is a bit far away, it was time to pull the trigger. We figure that this is our one opportunity to have three different generations in our family own Mini Coopers. Behold:

Grandpa Spike's 2003 Mini Cooper S in british racing green:

My 2003 Mini Cooper in pepper white (I need to take some better glamor shots of my car-- this was the best one I had on hand....):

Sosi's 2009 Mini Cooper in chili red:

Of course, Margie Cat thinks that the chili red Mini actually belongs to her. Oh, Marge....


Ali said...

I want a toy like that!!!

Leisa Dreps said...

“The family that drives Mini Coopers together stays together.” – Haha. I think your love for Minis runs in the family. As they say, it is in the blood. But I think there is nothing wrong with falling madly in love with this vehicle. They are adorable and their performance is quite notable. And I think Sosi was enjoying her own version of the Mini. :-)