Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sosi vs. Rice Cereal (round 3)

So, Sosi vs. Rice Cereal (round 1) didn't go so well (as previously chronicled on this blog). Round 2 a few days later was a dismal failure that involved some screaming (on Sonia's part, not mine). For both of those rounds, Sonia sat in her Bumbo. So, to switch things up a bit, I decided to bust out the cool high chair that Mary Ann, Sue, and Stephanie got us. I hadn't attempted to feed Sosi rice cereal in about a week and a half, and I thought it was high time to try again.

The stage was set:

I let her play for a while in her high chair to get familiar with her surroundings. She thought it was pretty cool!

She looked very skeptical at the mixture of rice cereal, water, and formula.

I was so hopeful! She was smiling and looking cute, so I really thought she might take a few bites....

Not so much. There are no pictures from this point forward for two reasons:

1) I was attempting to feed her by myself without Andrew to act as photographer, and

2) I was too busy comforting the baby who obviously thought I was trying to feed her poisonous goo, judging by her reaction.

So, we're putting the rice cereal away for another week. We may just have to wait until she's old enough to feed her veggies and fruit so we can mix the cereal (which is a great source of iron for babies) in with something she likes a little better. Even though the mixture tastes like formula (I tasted it to make sure), Sonia is simply not accepting this form of feeding! There is no real reason that we MUST feed her solid food at this point. It's bottle city for now.....


JLo said...

She's so funny! She'll get around to it when she's ready. Or hungry enough.

Joslyne said...

Zoey never ate rice cereal. I mean, it IS pretty nasty. Sonia is just holding out for the good stuff. Smart smart girl.

Niki said...

What is that poor little girl's problem? I LOVE rice cereal! I eat it all the time! Just send her unused portions along to Tennessee and I'll eat it right up.

JLo said...

I love that high chair by the way!