Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More pictures from our weekend in Nashville

Sonia loved playing on Charlotte's beautiful quilts!

Grandma Jo fed Sonia a bottle after her looooooooooooong Saturday afternoon nap.

Grandpa Spike got a chance to feed Sosi, too!

On Sunday morning, Charlotte instructed Sonia on the proper use of utensils.

When we went to a park to play on Sunday afternoon, Uncle Corey couldn't resist taking a break from playing with Charlotte to give Sonia a little snuggle.

Sosi is awfully snuggly in her monkey hoodie that Auntie Niki gave her!

Charlotte has a lot of wisdom to share with her younger cousin.... She's practicing for when her little brother is born in December.

Sonia saw her very first episode of Sesame Street while we were in Nashville! She also got to play with Elmo, Grover, and Ernie.


Story time with Uncle Corey

We can't wait to go back to Nashville for Thanksgiving!


Emily said...

the three of them reading a story together is a SERIOUSLY CUTE photo :)

Anonymous said...

I will ALWAYS make time to read with my little niece!


Niki said...

I love that Sonia put up with CJ petting her for so long. Of course, it's probably better than having a cat lick the top of your head.