Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goofing around at the arboretum

The kid and I had an impromptu arboretum outing today.... Sosi was all decked out in some cool duds inherited from cousin Charbunkle, and she was in such a funny mood! The weather was fabulous for hanging around outside with a baby (61 degrees, overcast, and dry), so we spent about an hour and a half lounging on a blanket beneath Zach's tree. Sonia drank her lunch and enjoyed looking around at the pretty trees. The arboretum was PACKED-- the fall color has simply exploded in the last week or so, and with the temperature finally back in a normal range for fall, the entire Chicagoland area (or so it seemed) took today off of work to enjoy a bit of nature.

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Auntie Niki said...

THOSE CHEEKS ARE OUT OF CONTROL! THEY MAY TAKE OVER THE WORLD!! I always loved that hoodie. I love all the Circo clothes at Target, in fact.