Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sonia's voice and more cute outfits

Sonia has been so vocal this month.... She smiles, she squeals, she coos, and she giggles. If babies were this fun right when they were born, those first three months would be so much easier on new parents. Sosi will turn 5 months old a week from today (the 13th), and I can't wait to see the changes that are in store for us. What a little goofball!

This child continues to wear clothes from her stacked wardrobe that, quite honestly, puts Andrew's and mine to shame. Charlotte handed Sonia down three HUGE bags of clothes when we saw her during the baptism weekend.... Even though Sosi is growing like a weed and outgrowing clothes right and left, she will definitely not be going naked any time soon!

Outfit handed down from Charbunkle with a kitty on it (yay!):

Here's another outfit with a cat on it! These might be some of the only ones in existence-- why aren't there more out there that feature kitties? Niki, Corey, and Charlotte bought this for Sonia even before she was born:

Positively fabulous shirt from Stephanie and Erik-- this also marked the first time Andrew ever attempted to put together an outfit for Sonia (you can't tell from the lighting in the picture, but the socks are yellow):

Onesie from Stephanie and Erik-- the pirate is saying "Eat yar peas and carrots!":

This might be my favorite hand-me-down from Charlittle: THE HAPPY CUPCAKE!!! This was the very first thing I ever bought for Charlotte (while Niki was still pregnant and before the ultrasound showing Charlotte was a girl).

Absolutely gorgeous dress from the Petrellis (there is also a hat, but I couldn't get Sosi to smile while wearing it!):

And my favorite-- blue eyes from her daddy and grandpa:

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Auntie Niki said...

Best dressed baby in Illinois! Can I have the blue eyes when she grows out of them?