Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend in Nashville and Li'l Petey's baby shower

Sosini and I just had the most fabulous weekend in Nashville! We flew there (all by ourselves!) to visit Auntie Niki, Uncle Corey, cousin Charlotte, and cousin Peter-in-the-belly. Also on the agenda was a play date with Joslyne & Zoey-- or so Niki thought.... It was actually a small surprise baby shower for Peter (who is due mid-December)! Sonia & Charlotte's Grandpa Spike and Grandma JoAnn flew out for the occasion-- Niki had no idea they were coming to Tennessee. Luckily, Joslyne and I were able to surprise Niki without causing her to go into early labor.

During Charbunkle's Friday afternoon nap, Niki got some fun play time with The Great Sosini (who was wearing a onesie and pig overalls handed down from Charlotte).

This video of their snuggle time cracks me up!!! Sonia got such a great wild look in her eyes every time Niki shook the little sea horse rattle.

Sosi LOVED hanging out with Uncle Corey.... His willingness to calm her when she got fussy, sing her silly songs, read her books, and provide expert schnuggles made Sosi so happy!

Charlotte introduced Sosi to her favorite Sesame Street character-- ELMO!!!

On Saturday morning, Niki had no idea why I was a teeny bit frantic about getting us all showered and ready to go over to Joslyne, Demetri, & Zoey's house for a play date.... When Joslyne opened up the door and Niki saw the baby shower guests, she figured it out! The baby shower kicked major booty-- Blue Coast Burrito catered the affair, Joslyne fabulously decorated the house in a "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater" theme (which of course goes well with this time of year, too), and Alicia baked a scrumptious and gorgeous cake.

I can't remember if anyone got a picture of me with Joslyne, but since Niki and I are identical twins, I'll just pretend this is me in the picture below:

Joslyne put together THE BEST slide show to remind Niki & Corey how fun it is to be a parent and to psyche them up for Peter's arrival. It was so funny!!

While Niki and Corey opened the presents, Sonia helped me keep a list of the gifts and gift-givers.

Alicia's cake was so awesome!!!! It was chocolate with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting. It still tasted good on Monday morning when I had a piece before Niki took us to the airport.

I'll post more pictures as I get them-- we took most of the pictures with my mom's and my sister's cameras. It was such a great weekend.... Although I'm exhausted and happy to be home (we missed Andrew terribly!), we can't wait to go back to Nashville for Thanksgiving!

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Dan and Alicia said...

It was SOOOOOO good to finally meet Sonia. We all loved seeing you both, and can't wait til the whole family comes back next month.